Rest Easy Motel movie poster featuring old rusty motel sign in front of run down motel.




TIME: 60 Minutes

Some mysterious disappearances have taken place at the Rest Easy Motel. Everyone suspects the manager but no proof or motive has been found.  Can you find out who is responsible for the strange disappearances and escape before the manager returns?

Critic Reviews


The puzzle steps integrate into the story world in a way that furthers the sense of mystery unfolding right before your eyes, while equally creating that sense of urgency we long for to establish the drama we’re trapped within. You’re left with no doubt that you are in a grimy old Motel, and use the items that would naturally be around you to further your investigation.

Importantly, the puzzles build to the discovery of evidence that proves the killer’s identity, while also leaving you with a clear sense of urgency for why you simply must act quickly. Perhaps even more importantly, the puzzles themselves were all intuitive and logical. And more so than that, they were fun in every sense of the word.

A healthy mix of logic puzzles, discovery, physical puzzles and some tech-driven gags make Rest Easy Motel a well-rounded experience on the level so many Escape Rooms hope to achieve, yet so few actually manage to do.

-Escape Authority