Cat Burglar escape room poster featuring a suitcase full of cash and passports




TIME: 60 Minutes


You and your team are the best cat burglars in the world. Your mission is to penetrate a billionaire’s mansion, steal his offshore bank account codes then escape with the codes and your life. Mr. Bestunkovich is not known for taking prisoners; if you are caught you may not live to tell about it. 


Critic Reviews


There is a very good mix of tech and classic puzzles in Cat Burglar.  The puzzles fit the theming of the room very well, from the mansion’s parlor to Bestunkovich’s secret office and his impenetrable vault.  Progressing through Cat Burglar only immersed us further into the story world of being thieves in the night. Everything here connects to the central narrative.  Most importantly, the game play was one fluid motion from start to finish. There were no logic leaps or even speed bumps in our way.

-Escape Authority